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Jane Luk
acting (screen) / improv
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Jon de Leon
acting (screen & stage)
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Azeem Nathoo
acting (screen & stage) / grants
Classes & Services
(more services will be added soon)
30 min coaching session



60 min coaching session



Grants – Personal 


30 min consult + edits & feedback

Grants – Project 


30 min consult + edits & feedback

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"Jane is a master storyteller. She has helped me add depth and nuance to characters across both comedic and dramatic materials, and inspires confidence with an approach that is grounded in play and always open to new discoveries. With decades of experience both in front of and behind the lens, I have often sought her advice and mentorship on navigating the industry as much as the craft itself." Liam Ma.

“Working with Jon was a great experience! He truly takes the time to walk his students step by step through their Shakespeare journey. As a coach, Jon made me feel supported and also gave me freedom to explore and ask questions. Digging in and getting to the core of the scene or monologue is Jon’s specialty. I would recommend him to all my actor friends!” Abbee Fernandes

"Azeem is a fantastic acting coach! He creates a non-judgmental and supportive environment where you can deep dive into vulnerable work. His notes are helpful, clear and encouraging. When I started working with Azeem, I felt quite rusty approaching acting, however, after a couple sessions, I could feel the wheels start turning again. His enthusiasm and focus reminds me why I love what I do. It’s a privilege to learn from him!" Sarah Kaufmann

"I am delighted that I asked Azeem for help on a self tape. His concise, easy to follow direction cut right to the purpose, the strength of the relationships and my particular wants. By honing in on a few things, we were able to find a nice balance very quickly. I was thrilled with the results and so was my agent." Mercy Cherian

"Thank you Azeem for your help with my RP accent. Azeem was very helpful and encouraging, without being pushy. Above all he was patient, and even helped me with my actual taping. I would recommend him anytime.” Ronica Sajnani

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